Energy Products Service Centers


Rebuild & Inspection

Energy Products specializes in providing complete rebuild and inspection services to keep your flow iron, high-pressure manifolds, pump bridles and frac trailers performing at maximum levels. Our service centers are strategically located to satisfy customers in the continental United States. These service centers inventory a wide variety of new products and repair and replacement parts, including pup joints, integral fittings, swivel joints and plug valves, so we can quickly respond to any customer request.

Beyond maintaining a variety of essential parts, our service centers are also staffed with qualified technicians trained to meet all customer inspection, assessment and repair needs including visual, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic thickness inspections, as well as hydro-static pressure testing. Carefully following the customer's specifications and strict adherence to our own stringent inspection criteria, supports the safe, long-term performance of each piece of equipment that leaves our facilities.

Performing inspection and maintenance at regular intervals sustains safe operation and reduces downtime. Whether we're commissioning new iron or total iron management, our service centers can build a custom maintenance schedule to help our customers keep their equipment in the field running safely and efficiently.


Mobile Iron Inspection
On-site Service Throughout the U.S.

Energy Products mobile inspection units meet on-site demand wherever needed in the continental United States. Our mobile inspection teams provide the identical services available at our service centers, including flow iron, valve inspection, testing, repair and documentation.


Visual Inspection

Keeps surfaces free of erosion, corrosion and irregularities. Includes complete visual inspection and assessment of inside bores in all flowline equipment, terminal connections, and seal surfaces.

Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements

Precisely measures multiple critical areas in each piece of equipment to detect erosion and determine if wall thickness meets specifications.

Cleaning of wing end and thread end

Magnetic particle test (MPI)

A magnetic field is induced electronically in the component being tested. Particles suspended in a wet format are then applied. If surface discontinuities such as rounding, cracks or other linear discontinuities are present in ferromagnetic materials, they will be detected

Pressure testing

Pressure testing up to 30,000 PSI capacity.

Identification and banding

Color-coded or stainless steel bands with serial numbers, pressure ratings and inspection dates, will be applied to all equipment. Additional information can also be included as needed.

Inspection reports

Energy Products makes inspection reports available in electronic format on CDs, and as hard copy printouts. Customers can also access them via our online database.

Painting services

Energy Products provides flow iron and valve painting on request.