Plug Valves

Energy Products offers a full line of LT and TE plug valves. LT plug valves and replacement parts are fully interchangeable with most LT plug valves. LT valves come in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings. Valve sizes include 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4". These valves are available in standard and H2S service. End connections available are 1002 and 1502 hammer union, API flanged or threaded. Valves can come outfitted with gear operators or actuation upon request.

TE plug valves are fully interchangeable with all TE plug valves 1" to 2". TE plug valves are offered in 1502 hammer union end connections. These valves are available in standard or H2S service.

Rebuild and recertification is available through our mobile or in-house certification centers.

Fully traceable MTRs available upon request.